Year-End Accounting Checklist

The end of the year is near and it’s time to close your books. Here is a simplified checklist we compiled together from some of the accounting experts. Reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards Review Profit and Loss statements Fill out IRS forms, Collect W-9s, Issue 1099s Prepare Records for local, state and federal … Continue reading Year-End Accounting Checklist

Wanting a Hand for the Year End?

The end of the year is quickly approaching and this is the time many people realize they have to start getting ready to close their books. With the holiday closures in December, we have even less work days this month and time is quickly running out. For many bookkeepers and accountants in a time crunch, … Continue reading Wanting a Hand for the Year End?

The Weight of Data Entry for Small Accounting Practices

With the changing landscape of the accounting industry, Personable Inc. set out to better understand the weight of data entry for today’s sole practitioners and small accounting practices. In our 2017 survey, respondents reveal that they continue to be plagued by manual data entry tasks in a technological world.

Three Ways Accountants Can Achieve a Healthier Work Life Balance

The accounting industry’s long work hours often lead to increased stress and can therefore contribute to lower work quality. But in today’s tech era, accountants can actually work smarter, faster and better than ever, offering more opportunities to enjoy a healthier work life balance.

Mobile Scanning Apps for Receipts & Irregular Paper Documents

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and there are useful applications for capturing data from receipts, business cards or even from a whiteboard. Depending on your needs, the preference of the application will vary

Your QuickBooks Whisperer Captures Vendor Bill Data with ScanWriter

“ScanWriter is an elegant companion product for QuickBooks for many reasons. One of the most impressive uses I have recently implemented for a client is the entry of Vendor Bills. My client needed a Reader to capture detailed line item amounts to be marked up and passed through to the end recipient of the merchandise being … Continue reading Your QuickBooks Whisperer Captures Vendor Bill Data with ScanWriter

7 Benefits of Data Capture Software

Data capture software is quickly becoming an essential tool for professionals inundated with data entry. From busy accountants to financial investigators, professionals across the world are adopting this time saving solution to help improve the workflow of their business. Here are the seven benefits of having an automated data capture process. Eliminates Manual Data Entry … Continue reading 7 Benefits of Data Capture Software