Customer Spotlight: Your QuickBooks Whisperer

Customer Spotlight: Your QuickBooks Whisperer

ScanWriter is an elegant companion product for QuickBooks for many reasons.

One of the most impressive uses I have recently implemented for a client is the entry of Vendor Bills. My client needed a Reader to capture detailed line item amounts to be marked up and passed through to the end recipient of the merchandise being purchased. ScanWriter not only captures the data on the Vendor Bill, it provides a list of existing Purchase Orders to match with to confirm that the agreed upon purchase price is billed correctly. Once that handshake is made it’s just a matter of flow – the Bill matches the PO, the Customer Invoice then captures the Billed data where the correct markup is automatically applied and it’s done. In addition, with the included SourceLink software, a .PDF Bill copy is saved as an attachment as it is recorded in QuickBooks. Perfect, time saving, sweeping solution to this entire workflow! Beyond creating the original PO, manual intervention is almost non-existent.

I am grateful to have this powerful tool to recommend so my clients can make QuickBooks the engine for housing much of the historical accounting data in one, centralized, easy to access location. The Personable Inc. team is wonderful to collaborate with for facilitating creative solutions that help me help my clients!  Thank you very much. ScanWriter helps me live up to my working moto to ‘let the books do the work!”

Sandy Person
Your QuickBooks Whisperer!
Mercer Island, WA

7 Benefits of Data Capture Software

7 Benefits of Data Capture Software

Data capture software is quickly becoming an essential tool for professionals inundated with data entry. From busy accountants to financial investigators, professionals across the world are adopting this time saving solution to help improve the workflow of their business. So what are the benefits of implementing data capture software into your daily tasks? Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons professionals are choosing to automate the data capture process.

Benefit 1
The most obvious benefit of data capture software is that it eliminates manual data entry. That means no more typing data from your paper or PDF statements into QuickBooks or Excel. Data capture software, like ScanWriter, can integrate with your third party program (like QuickBooks, Excel, Xero, etc.), automatically transferring data from your specified documents into clean, organized columns and fields within your integrated software. Kiss the physical pain and stress of manually typing mass amounts of data goodbye!

Benefit 2
Proprietary data capture softwares offer up to 90% in time savings. Eliminating mundane tasks, like data entry, means more time to spend growing your business. Take on more clients, better service current clients, evolve current services and create new services. The success of your business depends on its ability to grow and adapt, and freeing up more time in your day will help you master the big picture success of your business.

Benefit 3
Data entry tasks are time consuming, not to mention they come and go on a by project basis. Therefore, these tasks are often outsourced or fulfilled by temporary employees. With data capture software, you aren’t plagued with hiring new employees and even better, you don’t have to worry about the cost associated with new employees or outsourcing. Data capture software is an in house resource that directly reduces business costs.

Benefit 4
Manually typing mass amounts of data on a daily (or even a regular basis) has proven to lower employee morale and satisfaction. And with low employee satisfaction comes a high turnover rate and a decrease in quality of work – ultimately affecting the success of your business. Equipping data entry professionals with a helpful tool like data capture software will improve employee satisfaction rates and employee success. Empower your employees, giving them the tools they need to excel in the workplace. Complete projects faster, improve quality of work and create more opportunities for career growth.

Benefit 5
Automating data capture eliminates human error and increases data accuracy rates by 100%. Proprietary softwares offer built in features (like color coding and balance calculations) and state of the art technology in order to verify complete accuracy before every QuickBooks import or export to Excel. In addition, the software eliminates the need to manually check and re-check for data accuracy. That means no more time spent searching through documents wondering why your data didn’t reconcile.

Benefit 6
Not only does data capture software increase data accuracy rates, it also increases data integrity. As a professional who builds your career around calculated data, the idea of data integrity can either make or break your business. With a helpful data capture software, you can remain confident that your data is consistent and accurate month after month. Improve business reliability, gain the confidence of your clients and create a foolproof workflow process – setting your business apart from the rest.

Benefit 7
The right data capture software will create a quick and easy data analysis process. Most OCR softwares only capture raw data, but advanced softwares, like ScanWriter, capture and produce actionable data. This means the data is captured from specified fields and organized in an easy to read format. Advanced softwares can even export your organized data into an Excel spreadsheet for immediate analysis.

To learn more about how data capture software can improve your business workflow contact Personable Inc. at (800) 688 – 4281 or email Or schedule a free online ScanWriter demonstration by calling (714) 430 – 6944.

Fast Easy Accounting Shares How to Save Time & Increase Profits in Podcast

Fast Easy Accounting Shares How to Save Time & Increase Profits in Podcast

Do you feel like you’re losing more and more time to tedious manual data entry? Manually entering financial transactions is no easy task and often times robs you of time better spent growing your business and improving your business experience. So what if you could automate data entry into QuickBooks and save 90% more time in the process? In Fast Easy Accounting’s latest podcast, Randel DeHart speaks with Personable Inc. about ‘fast, easy’ ways to automate data from financial documents into QuickBooks.

“[ScanWriter] is a valuable resource to Contractors, Accountants, Lawyers and anyone who has a lot of data entry,” said DeHart in his podcast.

Click here to listen to the podcast and read the full article on the Fast Easy Accounting Blog.



Contractor’s Alliance Cuts Invoice Processing Time by 98%

Contractor’s Alliance Cuts Invoice Processing Time by 98%

The Plumbing Mechanical Sheet Metal Contractors’ Alliance (PMSMCA) is an alliance made up of several trade associations in the construction industry. They support plumbing, mechanical, sheet metal and air conditioning contractors and local industry. The PMSMCA members count on the alliance to act as their advocate, furnish educational opportunities, provide safety support and represent them when dealing with the public, government, other construction industry associations, manufacturers and labor. The PMSMCA processes six different construction industry funds throughout Wisconsin and serves 75 members and about 250 Industry Fund Contributors.

PMSMCA’s Challenge

Rebekkah Herrera has been working with the PMSMCA for 10 years as the Operations Manager of the Accounting Department. She is currently responsible for the accounting services for PMSMCA members, across 14 separate organizations. By mail every month, Rebekkah’s department receives over 200 invoices. One of her many responsibilities is to manually record the invoice data into QuickBooks software. Rebekkah found herself completely inundated with invoices, “I just didn’t have time for anything else,” she said. Entering data for up to three days every week, Rebekkah needed a QuickBooks integrative solution that would enter hundreds of invoices quickly and efficiently. In addition to data entry, the PMSMCA required a solution that would ensure total data accuracy, as the data drastically affects the financial involvement of the PMSMCA’s Industry Fund Contributors.

The Solution

The PMSMCA needed an automated data entry solution that would support a productive work place for their employees as well as a trusted financial resource for their members and industry funds. After investing in ScanWriter, Rebekkah is now able to process all of her invoices at once, while automatically integrating into QuickBooks and maintaining 100 percent data accuracy. Previously, Rebekkah spent up to three days a week manually processing invoices, but with ScanWriter, Rebekkah is able to enter all of the invoices at once at the end of the month, with the entire process taking about 2 hours. “Because of ScanWriter, we went from several days of work a week to only a couple of hours,” Rebekkah explains. “ScanWriter is quick and easy to work with.” ScanWriter not only cuts Rebekkah’s invoice processing time from 59 percent to less than 1 percent, but ScanWriter also ensures PMSMCA’s invoice data transfers clean and accurate, leaving Rebekkah to focus more on growing her business and less on data entry and accuracy.

PMSMCA’s Solution Benefits

Since implementing ScanWriter, the PMSMCA’s accounting department is able to focus more on serving their members and growing their department, since the amount of time they spent on invoicing tremendously decreased. “Our department just had two people retire, so I have even been able to take on some of their previous responsibilities and hire more employees,” said Rebekkah. In addition, the PMSMCA’s members and Industry Fund Contributors are better assisted as financial data remains consistent with 100 percent accuracy.

To learn more about ScanWriter request a free online demo!

Or contact 688 4281.

Three Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Three Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Data entry automation software may relieve your hands of tedious keying and typing, but did you know it can also enhance data for a more efficient analysis? Government agencies and top CPA firms use ScanWriter’s exclusive features to automatically flag transactions, set formulas and extract locations and business names – helping save 90% more time in the data analysis process.

Here’s three ways to enhance data in ScanWriter:

  1. Extract the Business Name from the transaction Description

Stop wasting time trying to identify information lost amongst the junky transaction description. With a simple click, ScanWriter can extract essential information (like the Business Name and if it was a Transfer, Deposit or Refund) from each description. Just click Edit Data > Mapping > Get Business Name. ScanWriter will automatically create a new column called “Business Name” and enter the extracted information. The Business Name column even exports to your final Excel file.


FL Tlr transfer to Chk 1234 Banking Ctr The Falls #0000888 FL Confirmation# 2975634302

What ScanWriter extracts:
transfer to Chk 1234

  1. Flag specific transactions with Data Column Mapping

In an investigation, scouring data for key financial indicators is an essential yet very meticulous task. ScanWriter can help identify these important indicators, setting your analysis up for success before it even starts. Customize ongoing or one time mapping rules with ScanWriter’s Data Column Mapping (Quick Mapping) feature. Flag specific account activity in a separate and customized column. Just select the “From” column (where the data will be pulled from) and the “To” column (where the data will be identified and flagged). You can identify data “exactly” or identify data “containing” certain information. Export all the information to an Excel spreadsheet for fast, straightforward analysis.




“American Express”

Identify in Notes as


          3. Custom Sort Data

ScanWriter makes it easy to organize and identify specific data with its custom sort feature. Simply click the column name to sort alphabetically, by date, by Business Name, by custom indicators and more. You can even drag and organize columns to your desired order. Simply click and drag.


ScanWriter hosts various features to help continuously enhance and analyze data. For more information on ScanWriter features or to learn how ScanWriter can help increase efficiency for your business please contact or call (800) 688 -4281.

Request a free online demo here!

ScanWriter Expands Business for Golden Valley Accounting

Business Challenge:

As do many accounting firms, Golden Valley Accounting (GVA) was dedicating an enormous amount of time and energy into manual data entry. Too many hours of labor were spent entering data from client bank statements, credit card statements and invoices into QuickBooks. The Golden Valley Accounting team was spending 90% of their day on manual data entry plus the time spent checking and re-checking data for human error. “The time and cost of manual data entry” was our greatest business challenge, said Randell Toporowski, Owner at Golden Valley Accounting. Due to a lack of resources and time, “we were having to turn business away and those were costs we weren’t always able to recover.”

Solution Overview:

“GVA is always looking for opportunities to deliver a better product,” said Toporowski. That’s why the firm decided to invest in ScanWriter. Automating data from client bank statements, credit card statements and invoices into QuickBooks, ScanWriter provides GVA with a high quality data management solution. “As long as your settings are set up right in QuickBooks, ScanWriter automatically gets it,” said Toporowski. The software even recognizes the tax assignment for each transaction. Toporowski admits he has a “significant level of confidence” in the quality of data that he imports to QuickBooks. “We can take the data from 10 different bank accounts and move it in QuickBooks without any ramification,” he said. “We send just about every form of document through ScanWriter and we think it works great.” Recently a client came to GVA with 3 years’ worth of filing and accounting work to be completed. Thanks to ScanWriter, GVA was able to complete the project in 2 weeks. “What people do in a day we can do in an hour with ScanWriter,” said Toporowski. “Clients are surprised how fast we can get reports back out to them.”

Business Benefits:

ScanWriter helped expand GVA’s clientele base and shifted how they do work in the office. “I recommend it to every accountant I meet,” said Toporowski. With the time saved, “ScanWriter gave us the opportunity to take on more clients,” said Toporowski, “ScanWriter gives a small practice like ours the ability to deliver high volume quality work.” The Golden Valley Accounting team is looking forward to learning more features within ScanWriter and expanding their software knowledge for maximized benefits.

About Golden Valley Accounting:

Golden Valley Accounting LTD (GVA) is a private accounting firm located in Saskatchewan, Canada. GVA supports the bookkeeping and accounting services, reports analysis, tax preparation and beyond, for a client domain that stretches across an array of industries.

Save your business 90% more time and request a FREE online ScanWriter demo today!

Data Automation Software Leverages Document Intensive Services for Accounting Firm

Data Automation Software Leverages Document Intensive Services for Accounting Firm

Media Contact
Name: Chelsey Kruger
Company: Personable Inc.
Phone: 714.430.6944 x 802

Data Automation Software Leverages Document Intensive Services for Accounting Firm

CHARLESTON, S.C. (JANUARY 11, 2017) – Today, Fine Accountess, LLC., an accounting firm specializing in litigation support, announced the implementation of ScanWriter Excel Edition to greater assist clients with document intensive services. ScanWriter Excel Edition, developed by Personable Inc., is the leading automated data entry solution for accounting professionals, offering superior speed and accuracy when capturing and transforming data from legal documents.

Fine Accountess, LLC. proudly supports its clients, investigating thousands of pages of financial documents for litigation matters. ScanWriter Excel Edition leverages the services of Fine Accountess, LLC. by instantly capturing and preparing data in a clean, customized Excel file for each case, helping manage complex litigation efficiently and offering the firm the ability to devote resources to data analysis rather than data entry.

“With the implementation of ScanWriter, I have been able to expand my client base by offering more affordable services,” said Karen Fine, CPA, Managing Member of Fine Accountess, LLC. “Days of work can now be done in minutes.”

For more information about Fine Accountess LLC., contact 843-779-0971 or visit To learn more about ScanWriter Excel Edition call 800-688-4281 or visit

About Fine Accountess, LLC.
Karen Fine, CPA, Managing Member of Fine Accountess, LLC., has met both the AICPA and the NACVA’s rigorous standards of professionalism, expertise, objectivity and integrity in the fields of business valuation, litigation support, and related consulting disciplines. Fine Accountess, LLC. is a boutique accounting firm specializing in litigation support throughout Charleston, South Carolina, providing comprehensive and efficient financial services. Fine Accountess, LLC. delivers useful information and minimizes litigation expense, while achieving superior outcomes for its clients. To learn more about Fine Accountess, LLC., visit, or contact Karen Fine, CPA, at 843-779-0971.

About Personable, Inc.
Personable, Inc., an Intuit and Microsoft Gold Certified Developer, is a document management solutions provider that simplifies data entry for legal and accounting professionals. ScanWriter, its leading data-capture software, automates intelligent data collection into QuickBooks and Excel so businesses and organizations can improve productivity and bring their workflow into the digital age, without sacrificing accuracy. For more information or to see a demo of ScanWriter, please call 800-688-4281 or visit