Year-End Accounting Checklist

The end of the year is near and it’s time to close your books. Here is a simplified checklist we compiled together from some of the accounting experts.

  • Reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Review Profit and Loss statements
  • Fill out IRS forms, Collect W-9s, Issue 1099s
  • Prepare Records for local, state and federal payroll
  • Add up your quarterly estimated tax payments for the year
  • Gather and Organize Your Receipts
  • Verify Accounts Receivable and Invoices
  • Conduct an inventory assessment

As a bonus, you can review your goals for 2017 and create a budget for 2018.

Do you feel overloaded with data entry work that has piled up for the year? If you have a mountain of paperwork you need to data enter into QuickBooks, ScanWriter is a great tool to use. ScanWriter can enter a year’s worth of statements in just 5 minutes.

ScanWriter is a data entry automation solution that can capture data from any paper document or PDF and enters it into QuickBooks entries in minutes. ScanWriter supports over 30 QuickBooks transaction types and it can automatically enter data for Vendor/Customer Name, Account Coding, Date, Memo, etc. in your QuickBooks entries.

To see how you can enter a year’s worth of statements in 5 minutes, request a live ScanWriter demo today!



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