Accounting vCon 2017 Recap

Last week, we had the privilege to sponsor at the Ultimate Accounting vCon 2017, a virtual conference designed for accounting professionals who want to update their accounting, technology, and marketing skills so they can improve their businesses or perform their job better. With the newly added gamification features to its event platform this year, attendants enjoyed earning points and badges as they solved challenges, answer questionnaires/polls and complete other activities.

The two-day virtual conference had sessions filled with practical advice any accounting professional can start using right away.

Our take-aways from the vCon 2017:

  1. Marketing and branding is always important, even for a one-person business.

    There are three hot trends in marketing today: storytelling, influencer marketing and digital marketing.

  2. Knowing your accounting software will enhance your expertise.

    Recommendations include getting certified in software, understand the product line and learn new changes each year.

  3. Find your balance for accelerated success.

    Set priorities and realistic expectations and know when enough is enough. Also stay in touch with what makes you happy.

  4. Streamlining your work process for a path to growth.

    Look for tasks you are doing over and over again and systemize them with procedures, forms, templates and checklists.

The ScanWriter team had a session on Automating Mountains of Paperwork into QuickBooks. The poll questions conducted during the session revealed that more than half of their clients still come in with paper invoices, purchase orders and statements. The majority of accounting professional attendees revealed that they spend more than a third of their time on data entry. ScanWriter can automate the data entry process and will only take a fraction of the time. Newer technologies and software like ScanWriter will significantly help minimize their miscellaneous work so that they can focus more on what they do best.

If you’re interested in automating mountains of paperwork into QuickBooks with ScanWriter, you can request a live demo.



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