Mobile Scanning Apps for Receipts & Irregular Paper Documents

Do you ever have difficulties scanning irregular paper documents? A standalone scanner or multi-function printer works great when you are scanning standard letter size papers, but what do you do when you have to scan an irregular sized paper?

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and there are useful applications for capturing data from receipts, business cards or even from a whiteboard. Depending on your needs, the preference of the application will vary, but PC Mag has a compiled list of the top applications you can try out.


Some of the main variances we saw from different scanning applications were:

  • Free versus paid, although most applications have a lighter free version which should be sufficient for basic scanning use
  • Whether it saves your scanned files on cloud, local or both
  • Available OCR features such as straightening the image and angles
  • Other additional features such as adding a watermark or date, etc

I have personally used the free version of CamScanner for Android for a few years and I think it works great for my needs. I have used it for scanning signed documents and receipts when I’m out of the office. The above PC Mag chart shows a handy matrix of the applications and their features. I suggest you try out a few to find what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a scanning application to use with any OCR software such as ScanWriter*, we suggest you use an application that captures text.

*ScanWriter by Personable Inc is a Data Entry Automation software that captures data from scanned paper of pdf documents and converts it to Excel, QuickBooks, Reckon, Xero or Dentrix files. If you are spending too much time data entering from paper documents and are interested in seeing how ScanWriter works, submit a free demo request.


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