Mobile Scanning Apps for Receipts & Irregular Paper Documents

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and there are useful applications for capturing data from receipts, business cards or even from a whiteboard. Depending on your needs, the preference of the application will vary

3 Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Data entry automation software may relieve your hands of tedious keying and typing, but did you know it can also enhance data for a more efficient analysis? Government agencies and top CPA firms use ScanWriter’s exclusive features to automatically flag transactions, set formulas and extract locations and business names – helping save 90% more time … Continue reading 3 Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

How Data Capture Sets the Stage for Data Analysis

Joe is working on a financial investigation. He has hundreds of paper and PDF bank statements, bills, and records to investigate, but only a month to do so. Not to mention three other projects going at the same time. Sound familiar? So Joe sends those documents off to his trusted data entry clerk to be … Continue reading How Data Capture Sets the Stage for Data Analysis

Automating Data Capture to Accelerate Divorce Investigation

Tracing a lifetime of financial documents, from tax returns and bank statements to hidden assets and hidden income, lies at the core of each divorce investigation. This process alone costs the fraud examiner about 60 percent of the investigation time.