3 Tips to Build Accounting Alliances

If your goal is to increase your profit, here is the recipe:

Start with a fantastic value proposition: enterprise-class all-in-one accounting at a fair price point. Next, focus on de-mystifying and simplifying accounting services for different size of business and departments. Finally, make it easy to consume with transparent contracts and best-in-class client service and support.

Ask these questions:

  • Can your accounting automation solution help you reduce the length of the service cycle? Don’t just say “yes” here ― get specific about which features of the different solutions you’re comparing will make that happen.
  • Can your accounting automation solution make it easier for you to track what’s really happening? Again, don’t just give this question an off-the-cuff “yes.” Get specific. And if you can’t get specific with the information you have now, go back to each vendor and get an answer. Preferably, be shown by their team how your solution will work.
  • Is the solution good at helping you keep clients and expand their business? Getting more clients is good, but keeping more clients is even better. And getting more business from those existing clients? That’s the best of all. Can your new accounting platform support loyalty client, or even do expand marketing? Find out!

Don’t just read the menu, go ahead and try it for yourself.

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