The Importance of Workflow Management

Workflow management is an important aspect of a business’ success, especially in today’s fast-paced environment. Diving deeper to see how workflow management can be enhanced shines a light on data automation and its ability to create added efficiency.

Here are 5 reasons why improving and automating workflow matters:

1. Create value for your business

Studies show that “inefficient workflow can cost up to 30% of your company’s revenue.”  Therefore, when assessing your company’s productivity, it’s key to identify what processes and procedures are unnecessary. By removing them, you can help to reduce redundancy within your workflow and eliminate efforts that are dedicated to fixing mistakes. Workflow solutions and automation assists in your company’s workflow assessment and helps you modify your challenges and build efficient practices to move forward with. And although workflow solutions may be a hefty upfront investment, they quickly pay for themselves and start providing you with added worth in a short amount of time. Over time, your company can achieve enhanced value and be able to increase your outputs and quality of service.

2. Avoid mistakes and miscommunication

Mistakes and miscommunication can be both costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, a simple mistake can cost your business a loss of clientele or even damage your reputation. Improving workflow with automation can result in a significant reduction of human error and miscalculation through enhanced accuracy. In many cases, the implementation of automation brought many perks for businesses, even causing “defect rates to reduce from over 2000 to less than 50 parts per million.” With the efficiency of integrating automation into your workflow, you can also reap the benefits of reliability in your data process, advancements in record keeping, and build employee accountability.

3. Improve your quality of service

Efficient workflow allows you to collect and process data faster. Automation of your workflow further heightens your ability to use advanced analytical intelligence to refine your decision-making process with added protection. This can result in increased time for you to dedicate towards constructing advice for your clients. You can have more autonomy to provide clients with a better understanding of their information and assure that their information is safely processed and stored. Automation can even reduce the time needed for you to deliver your clients’ needs, which may come as a pleasant surprise to them.

4. Build cohesion in your company

Lack of motivation and morale can arise within a company when employees are not given the chance to grow through their work, especially with tedious tasks like manual data entry. Utilizing automation can allow them to immerse in more challenging and engaging tasks to contribute to the company’s overarching vision. Improved workflow can also centralize your business’ structure and processes, helping to align your goals and values. This can help with task delegation and communication among your employees to assure that everyone is up to date and on the same page.

5. Save money and invest in growth

When looking at the bigger picture, your workflow management’s purpose is to help your company reduce costs and increase revenue. On the contrary, manual tasks such as data entry can cost you tedious hours just to input the information that you have. This process can accumulate expenses tied to hiring and paying employees. Automation of workflow allows you the opportunity to eliminate processes that can hinder your company from growing. Instead of investing time on repetitive day-to-day tasks, you can concentrate on your competitive strategy, expanding the business (building clientele), and organizational improvements.

ScanWriter is the perfect data automation software to pair with your workflow management. We can assist in the automation of your data entry process and provide you with business intelligence analytics. Our product can help you achieve your workflow improvement goals and aid in the growth of your business. If you are interested in previewing ScanWriter, please visit:


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