Customer Spotlight: Your QuickBooks Whisperer

Customer Spotlight: Your QuickBooks Whisperer

ScanWriter is an elegant companion product for QuickBooks for many reasons.

One of the most impressive uses I have recently implemented for a client is the entry of Vendor Bills. My client needed a Reader to capture detailed line item amounts to be marked up and passed through to the end recipient of the merchandise being purchased. ScanWriter not only captures the data on the Vendor Bill, it provides a list of existing Purchase Orders to match with to confirm that the agreed upon purchase price is billed correctly. Once that handshake is made it’s just a matter of flow – the Bill matches the PO, the Customer Invoice then captures the Billed data where the correct markup is automatically applied and it’s done. In addition, with the included SourceLink software, a .PDF Bill copy is saved as an attachment as it is recorded in QuickBooks. Perfect, time saving, sweeping solution to this entire workflow! Beyond creating the original PO, manual intervention is almost non-existent.

I am grateful to have this powerful tool to recommend so my clients can make QuickBooks the engine for housing much of the historical accounting data in one, centralized, easy to access location. The Personable Inc. team is wonderful to collaborate with for facilitating creative solutions that help me help my clients!  Thank you very much. ScanWriter helps me live up to my working moto to ‘let the books do the work!”

Sandy Person
Your QuickBooks Whisperer!
Mercer Island, WA

Three Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Three Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Data entry automation software may relieve your hands of tedious keying and typing, but did you know it can also enhance data for a more efficient analysis? Government agencies and top CPA firms use ScanWriter’s exclusive features to automatically flag transactions, set formulas and extract locations and business names – helping save 90% more time in the data analysis process.

Here’s three ways to enhance data in ScanWriter:

  1. Extract the Business Name from the transaction Description

Stop wasting time trying to identify information lost amongst the junky transaction description. With a simple click, ScanWriter can extract essential information (like the Business Name and if it was a Transfer, Deposit or Refund) from each description. Just click Edit Data > Mapping > Get Business Name. ScanWriter will automatically create a new column called “Business Name” and enter the extracted information. The Business Name column even exports to your final Excel file.


FL Tlr transfer to Chk 1234 Banking Ctr The Falls #0000888 FL Confirmation# 2975634302

What ScanWriter extracts:
transfer to Chk 1234

  1. Flag specific transactions with Data Column Mapping

In an investigation, scouring data for key financial indicators is an essential yet very meticulous task. ScanWriter can help identify these important indicators, setting your analysis up for success before it even starts. Customize ongoing or one time mapping rules with ScanWriter’s Data Column Mapping (Quick Mapping) feature. Flag specific account activity in a separate and customized column. Just select the “From” column (where the data will be pulled from) and the “To” column (where the data will be identified and flagged). You can identify data “exactly” or identify data “containing” certain information. Export all the information to an Excel spreadsheet for fast, straightforward analysis.




“American Express”

Identify in Notes as


          3. Custom Sort Data

ScanWriter makes it easy to organize and identify specific data with its custom sort feature. Simply click the column name to sort alphabetically, by date, by Business Name, by custom indicators and more. You can even drag and organize columns to your desired order. Simply click and drag.


ScanWriter hosts various features to help continuously enhance and analyze data. For more information on ScanWriter features or to learn how ScanWriter can help increase efficiency for your business please contact or call (800) 688 -4281.

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