Three Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Three Ways to Enhance Data in ScanWriter

Data entry automation software may relieve your hands of tedious keying and typing, but did you know it can also enhance data for a more efficient analysis? Government agencies and top CPA firms use ScanWriter’s exclusive features to automatically flag transactions, set formulas and extract locations and business names – helping save 90% more time in the data analysis process.

Here’s three ways to enhance data in ScanWriter:

  1. Extract the Business Name from the transaction Description

Stop wasting time trying to identify information lost amongst the junky transaction description. With a simple click, ScanWriter can extract essential information (like the Business Name and if it was a Transfer, Deposit or Refund) from each description. Just click Edit Data > Mapping > Get Business Name. ScanWriter will automatically create a new column called “Business Name” and enter the extracted information. The Business Name column even exports to your final Excel file.


FL Tlr transfer to Chk 1234 Banking Ctr The Falls #0000888 FL Confirmation# 2975634302

What ScanWriter extracts:
transfer to Chk 1234

  1. Flag specific transactions with Data Column Mapping

In an investigation, scouring data for key financial indicators is an essential yet very meticulous task. ScanWriter can help identify these important indicators, setting your analysis up for success before it even starts. Customize ongoing or one time mapping rules with ScanWriter’s Data Column Mapping (Quick Mapping) feature. Flag specific account activity in a separate and customized column. Just select the “From” column (where the data will be pulled from) and the “To” column (where the data will be identified and flagged). You can identify data “exactly” or identify data “containing” certain information. Export all the information to an Excel spreadsheet for fast, straightforward analysis.




“American Express”

Identify in Notes as


          3. Custom Sort Data

ScanWriter makes it easy to organize and identify specific data with its custom sort feature. Simply click the column name to sort alphabetically, by date, by Business Name, by custom indicators and more. You can even drag and organize columns to your desired order. Simply click and drag.


ScanWriter hosts various features to help continuously enhance and analyze data. For more information on ScanWriter features or to learn how ScanWriter can help increase efficiency for your business please contact or call (800) 688 -4281.

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How Data Capture Sets the Stage for Data Analysis

How Data Capture Sets the Stage for Data Analysis

Joe is working on a financial investigation. He has hundreds of paper and PDF bank statements, bills, and records to investigate, but only a month to do so. Not to mention three other projects going at the same time. Sound familiar?

So Joe sends those documents off to his trusted data entry clerk to be keyed into an investigation friendly format, and weeks later he finally receives his data via an Excel file. Now there’s already two major problems with this process:

  1. Joe has to trust that every piece of data has been accurately recorded
  2. Joe has lost a week or more of investigation time

Now Joe’s scrambling to dive into the Excel file and locate the key data indicators for the case – sacrificing the quality of the investigation as well as the quality of his additional projects in his race against the clock.

We know from this scenario that the greatest factors to set the stage for an efficient investigation are TIME and ACCURACY. Your investigation starts there. The faster you can capture and organize your data into an easy to read – 100% accurate file, the more time you have to conduct an in depth thorough investigation for every case.

Data capture software will eliminate these investigation hurdles and prepare your data for the ultimate data analysis.

Start here….

Step 1 Document Types

Don’t limit yourself. Find a data capture software that can pull data from any computer generated document, like bank statements, bills, invoices, phone records, highway passes and more.

Step 2 Speed Test

Ensure your software can capture transactions at 1 -5 seconds per page, allowing for optimal time savings no matter how many statements need processed.

Step 3 Transaction Types

Most data entry softwares are limited by the type of data they can capture. Make sure the software you choose is able to recognize the TYPE of data you would like to capture, from standard fields like the Amount, Date and Check Number to custom fields like the City and State of each transaction.

Step 4 Accuracy Checks

Accuracy is key. What good does a data entry software serve if you can’t guarantee the data is 100% accurate? Look for specialized features within the data capture software to ensure all data can be captured fully and accurately.

Step 5 The Final Export

Check the final outcome! Review the data capture’s full and final exported data file to make sure the data is clean, organized and easy to continue with the investigation.

Step 6 Data Analysis

The right data capture software will set YOU up for success. Look for a data capture software that partners with data analytics softwares, like Microsoft’s Power BI. Enhance your final exported data file with visual reports and graphics, leveraging every investigation with fast, easy to understand data analysis.


Smart data capture software can be the changing force of your entire investigation process. Learn more about how ScanWriter and Power BI have partnered to bring you a streamlined data capture and analysis process.

Automating Data Capture to Accelerate Divorce Investigation

Automating Data Capture to Accelerate Divorce Investigation

Yes, divorce can be messy, but divorce investigation…that can be even messier. Tracing a lifetime of financial documents, from tax returns and bank statements to hidden assets and hidden income, lies at the core of each detailed and lengthy case. This process alone costs the fraud examiner about 60 percent of the investigation time. Now what if there was a way to automate the data collection process and cut that time by 90 percent? With proprietary data capture software, examiners across the U.S. are collecting, cleansing and enriching financial data in a matter of minutes, creating quality and detailed audit trails for each case.

With this software, examiners can gather more data and conduct a more comprehensive investigation in less time. The software is able to pull financial information from any paper or PDF document and enter it into an Excel file, customizing categories and organizing data for a comprehensive analysis. Using data capture software, investigators can enter hundreds of documents in under five minutes. Once the data is entered, the software is able to further verify and compare the numbers. Displaying the original source document on the left and the newly assembled Excel file on the right, proprietary data capture software automatically color codes data by level of accuracy. With ease and clarity, investigators can search for misappropriation of funds, use of funds, unreported income and other types of financial fraud. The software offers additional functions like direct mapping. Fraud examiners can click on any cell within the Excel file and the software will directly link the selected data back to its original placement within the source document, creating an accurate and direct reference for any record.

Automating data capture has dramatically accelerated divorce investigations, minimizing the paper trail and leveraging smart technology in order to conduct deeper, more accurate investigations and save 90 percent more time in the process. Examiners can adopt proprietary software, like ScanWriter, to automate data capture and streamline divorce investigations with confidence. Learn more about how ScanWriter can accelerate your divorce investigation process. Or Request a FREE online demonstration to see how it works today!

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