7 Benefits of Data Capture Software

Data capture software is quickly becoming an essential tool for professionals inundated with data entry. From busy accountants to financial investigators, professionals across the world are adopting this time saving solution to help improve the workflow of their business.

Here are the seven benefits of having an automated data capture process.

  1. Eliminates Manual Data Entry

    No more typing data from your paper or PDF statements into QuickBooks or Excel. Data capture software like ScanWriter can integrate with your third party program (like QuickBooks, Excel, Xero, etc.) and automatically transferring data from your specified documents into clean, organized columns and fields within your integrated software. Kiss the pain and stress of manually typing mass amounts of data goodbye!

  2. Saves Time Up to 90%

    Eliminating mundane tasks, like data entry, means more time to spend growing your business. Take on more clients, better service current clients, evolve current services and create new services. The success of your business depends on its ability to grow and adapt, and freeing up more time in your day will help you master the big picture success of your business.

  3. Reduces Business Costs

    Data entry tasks are time consuming, not to mention they come and go on a by project basis. Therefore, these tasks are often outsourced or fulfilled by temporary employees. With data capture software, you aren’t plagued with hiring new employees and even better, you don’t have to worry about the cost associated with new employees or outsourcing. Data capture software is an in-house resource that directly reduces business costs.

  4. Improve Quality of Work for Employees

    Manually typing mass amounts of data on a daily basis (or even a regular basis) has proven to lower employee morale and satisfaction. And with low employee satisfaction comes a high turnover rate and a decrease in quality of work – ultimately affecting the success of your business. Equipping data entry professionals with a helpful tool like data capture software will improve employee satisfaction rates and employee success. Empower your employees, giving them the tools they need to excel in the workplace. Complete projects faster, improve quality of work and create more opportunities for career growth.

  5. Eliminates Human Error and Increases Data Accuracy Rates by 100%

    Proprietary software offers built in features (like color coding and balance calculations) and state of the art technology in order to verify complete accuracy before every QuickBooks import or export to Excel. In addition, the software eliminates the need to manually check and re-check for data accuracy. That means no more time spent searching through documents wondering why your data didn’t reconcile.

  6. Increases Data Integrity

    Not only does data capture software increase data accuracy rates, it also increases data integrity. As a professional who builds your career around calculated data, the idea of data integrity can either make or break your business. With a helpful data capture software, you can remain confident that your data is consistent and accurate month after month. Improve business reliability, gain the confidence of your clients and create a foolproof workflow process – setting your business apart from the rest.

  7. Captures and Produces Actionable Data

    The right data capture software will create a quick and easy data analysis process. Most OCR software only capture raw data, but advanced software, like ScanWriter, capture and produce actionable data. This means the data is captured from specified fields and organized in an easy to read format. Advanced software can even export your organized data into an Excel spreadsheet for immediate analysis.

To learn more about how data capture software such as ScanWriter can improve your business flow, schedule a live demo with the ScanWriter team.


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