Contractor’s Alliance Cuts Invoice Processing Time by 98%

The Plumbing Mechanical Sheet Metal Contractors’ Alliance (PMSMCA) is an alliance made up of several trade associations in the construction industry. They support plumbing, mechanical, sheet metal and air conditioning contractors and local industry. The PMSMCA members count on the alliance to act as their advocate, furnish educational opportunities, provide safety support and represent them when dealing with the public, government, other construction industry associations, manufacturers and labor. The PMSMCA processes six different construction industry funds throughout Wisconsin and serves 75 members and about 250 Industry Fund Contributors.

PMSMCA’s Challenge

Rebekkah Herrera has been working with the PMSMCA for 10 years as the Operations Manager of the Accounting Department. She is currently responsible for the accounting services for PMSMCA members, across 14 separate organizations. By mail every month, Rebekkah’s department receives over 200 invoices. One of her many responsibilities is to manually record the invoice data into QuickBooks software. Rebekkah found herself completely inundated with invoices, “I just didn’t have time for anything else,” she said. Entering data for up to three days every week, Rebekkah needed a QuickBooks integrative solution that would enter hundreds of invoices quickly and efficiently. In addition to data entry, the PMSMCA required a solution that would ensure total data accuracy, as the data drastically affects the financial involvement of the PMSMCA’s Industry Fund Contributors.

The Solution

The PMSMCA needed an automated data entry solution that would support a productive work place for their employees as well as a trusted financial resource for their members and industry funds. After investing in ScanWriter, Rebekkah is now able to process all of her invoices at once, while automatically integrating into QuickBooks and maintaining 100 percent data accuracy. Previously, Rebekkah spent up to three days a week manually processing invoices, but with ScanWriter, Rebekkah is able to enter all of the invoices at once at the end of the month, with the entire process taking about 2 hours. “Because of ScanWriter, we went from several days of work a week to only a couple of hours,” Rebekkah explains. “ScanWriter is quick and easy to work with.” ScanWriter not only cuts Rebekkah’s invoice processing time from 59 percent to less than 1 percent, but ScanWriter also ensures PMSMCA’s invoice data transfers clean and accurate, leaving Rebekkah to focus more on growing her business and less on data entry and accuracy.

PMSMCA’s Solution Benefits

Since implementing ScanWriter, the PMSMCA’s accounting department is able to focus more on serving their members and growing their department, since the amount of time they spent on invoicing tremendously decreased. “Our department just had two people retire, so I have even been able to take on some of their previous responsibilities and hire more employees,” said Rebekkah. In addition, the PMSMCA’s members and Industry Fund Contributors are better assisted as financial data remains consistent with 100 percent accuracy.

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