ScanWriter Expands Business for Golden Valley Accounting

Business Challenge:

As do many accounting firms, Golden Valley Accounting (GVA) was dedicating an enormous amount of time and energy into manual data entry. Too many hours of labor were spent entering data from client bank statements, credit card statements and invoices into QuickBooks. The Golden Valley Accounting team was spending 90% of their day on manual data entry plus the time spent checking and re-checking data for human error. “The time and cost of manual data entry” was our greatest business challenge, said Randell Toporowski, Owner at Golden Valley Accounting. Due to a lack of resources and time, “we were having to turn business away and those were costs we weren’t always able to recover.”

Solution Overview:

“GVA is always looking for opportunities to deliver a better product,” said Toporowski. That’s why the firm decided to invest in ScanWriter. Automating data from client bank statements, credit card statements and invoices into QuickBooks, ScanWriter provides GVA with a high quality data management solution. “As long as your settings are set up right in QuickBooks, ScanWriter automatically gets it,” said Toporowski. The software even recognizes the tax assignment for each transaction. Toporowski admits he has a “significant level of confidence” in the quality of data that he imports to QuickBooks. “We can take the data from 10 different bank accounts and move it in QuickBooks without any ramification,” he said. “We send just about every form of document through ScanWriter and we think it works great.” Recently a client came to GVA with 3 years’ worth of filing and accounting work to be completed. Thanks to ScanWriter, GVA was able to complete the project in 2 weeks. “What people do in a day we can do in an hour with ScanWriter,” said Toporowski. “Clients are surprised how fast we can get reports back out to them.”

Business Benefits:

ScanWriter helped expand GVA’s clientele base and shifted how they do work in the office. “I recommend it to every accountant I meet,” said Toporowski. With the time saved, “ScanWriter gave us the opportunity to take on more clients,” said Toporowski, “ScanWriter gives a small practice like ours the ability to deliver high volume quality work.” The Golden Valley Accounting team is looking forward to learning more features within ScanWriter and expanding their software knowledge for maximized benefits.

About Golden Valley Accounting:

Golden Valley Accounting LTD (GVA) is a private accounting firm located in Saskatchewan, Canada. GVA supports the bookkeeping and accounting services, reports analysis, tax preparation and beyond, for a client domain that stretches across an array of industries.

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