How to Upgrade Your Accounting Status in 2017

What are the big career changes you want to make in the new year? Is it a promotion or a raise? Maybe it’s expanding your business or simply just lightening your physical workload?

Whatever it is…we’ve never seen a more ideal time for professional improvement. With the help of technology, you can now take career changes into your own hands, throwing traditional practices behind you and capitalizing on the resources ahead of you.

Until now, traditional accounting practices like manual data collection and manual data entry have quite frankly been robbing your business of precious time and downplaying your professional expertise. As an accountant, it’s your job to measure and advise the health of businesses, not spend all your time keying in information back and forth between financial documents and accounting software.

This new year, upgrade your accounting status! Take on more clients, offer more services and best of all earn more, all while reducing your workload with ScanWriter.

Easy, Cost Effective Technology Solutions
Time Savings

Technology like integrative data automation software is an easy, cost effective solution to collect, cleanse and organize data from financial statements – in just minutes. With a simple workstation installation, proprietary softwares automatically connect to your accounting software (Excel, QuickBooks, etc.). All you have to do is scan paper documents or browse for PDFs within the data automation software and watch it populate the data. Leading data automation softwares, like ScanWriter, can process a year’s worth of statements in under 5 minutes. Accuracy check features are available to help verify 100% data accuracy and enhance data for optimal analysis. After just a few short minutes of enhancement and accuracy checks, data automation software will automatically convert the data to your accounting software with one simple click.
More time savings means more time to service current clients and more time to take on new clients.

Prepare for Analysis

Not only do these softwares help save 90% more time overall, they also help streamline and enhance financial analysis. Add item or field customizations, set rules and create a straightforward document management workflow for every client or project. Abilities like these help enhance your client experience and support a level of expertise outside of traditional accounting services.

Spend more time analyzing your client’s business health and provide a deeper level of business advising – strengthening client relationships and expanding your overall business opportunities.

Leverage your accounting expertise and reduce your physical workload all while gaining opportunities to increase profits, and improve and restructure your billing methods.

Request a FREE online ScanWriter demonstration today!

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