4 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Data Automation Technology

In a recent Accounting Professional Survey *100% of respondents said TIME is the limiting factor of [their] success. It’s apparent that the accounting industry is plagued with heavy restrictions due to the requirements of both of physically straining mass data entry and every day general business practices. TIME is eaten away by the stress of just staying afloat. So how can today’s accountants reverse this TIME consuming practice – all while increasing revenue and decreasing costs?

  1. Start Making Technology Work For You

Yes, new technology can be scary, but choose one that isn’t! It’s time for you to join the modern world and find a technology that works for YOU. For accountants, technology can actually help relieve the stress of unnecessary time consuming tasks like manual data entry, saving 90% more time every day! Look for a data automation software that makes it easy. Make sure it can convert anything from paper or PDF bank statements, credit card statements to bills, invoices and more straight into your accounting software. Proprietary software, like ScanWriter, offers a three step process that organizes and simplifies the data automation process for accountants. It easily walks you through the process of data capture and data cleansing, all while automatically converting that data into your accounting software – in just minutes. ScanWriter helps accountants enter a year’s worth of statements in under 5 minutes – now that’s a technology that works for YOU. Check it out here.

  1. Take on More Clients

When you decide to invest in data automation software and eliminate time consuming tasks like manual data entry, you open up doors to growing your business. Data automation software helps complete client projects faster – without sacrificing quality. Therefore, you can use your time to faster service current clients and allow more time for new clients, all while providing a supreme customer experience.

  1. Expand Your Expertise

With more time on your side, you can take on new challenges and expand your professional skillset. As an accountant, you have more to offer your clients than merely entering their data in to a spreadsheet or QuickBooks. Start digging deeper and offer financial advice based on their business practices. After all, you are the expert! Take the time to learn new skills and continue growing your business.

  1. Reduce Costs

When you use data automation software more projects and more clients doesn’t mean you need more hands. Keep your resources and human cost to a minimum while completing the maximum amount of work.

Saving 90% more time with data automation software, like ScanWriter, helps you increase revenue and decrease costs – all while creating a top of the line customer experience. Try it out today or contact us to learn more about how data automation software can help grow your business today!

*2016 Personable Inc. Accounting Professional Survey

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