What Sets ScanWriter Apart From the Rest?

There’s no doubt, ScanWriter is THE leader in automated data entry. But WHY, you ask? Here’s FIVE reasons ScanWriter trumps the rest…

Quality Data Over Raw Data:

ScanWriter doesn’t just automate your data, it customizes data the way YOU choose and according to your needs. ScanWriter can pull ANY data from your digital document. Generate specific templates that pull exactly what data you need to carry out your project. Are you investigating financial statements? ScanWriter can categorize fields like city and state. It can even read multiple accounts and separate data according to specific account expenses and deposits. And when it’s done reading and organizing your data, you don’t just receive a cluttered list of data. You get a customized, clean, organized and actionable file – instantly.

So Much More Than Financial Data:

With ScanWriter, you’re not limited to all those bills, bank and credit card statements. It reads every digital document from checks, invoices and wire transfers to cell phone records, lab reports and contracts. As long as your document is computer generated, ScanWriter can get the job done.

Complete Security:

Many data entry softwares are run though the cloud. Heck, most things are moving to the cloud! But with the cloud comes more security risks. Personable Inc. is dedicated to the protection of your data, that’s why ScanWriter is run through Personable Inc’s exclusive in house systems. Personable Inc. offers industry standard firewall software to protect your data and state-of-the-art SMP processing servers. With 24/7 maintenance and instantly scalable storage, you can rest assure your data is ALWAYS secure.

Exclusive Features:

Exclusive features like Direct Source Mapping and Compare Data are just a few of the many features ScanWriter has to offer. Step by step, ScanWriter guides your data to complete accuracy. Follow Scanwriter’s exclusive color coding system to identify and ensure data accuracy. Clean up your data description and pull the actual vendor name for easier recognition. You can even map specified data directly back to the source document after your file has already been exported to Excel and QuickBooks. All these features and more ensure accuracy and save you 90% more time.

Always Growing:

ScanWriter never stops growing. At Personable Inc., we are always working on new features and looking for ways to make your life easier. Tell us about your experience and let us know how you think we should expand ScanWriter features! ScanWriter updates are consistently available for download.

Learn more when you request a FREE online ScanWriter demonstration instantly.

what sets scanwriter apart from the rest-

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