Automating Data Capture to Accelerate Divorce Investigation

Yes, divorce can be messy, but divorce investigation…that can be even messier. Tracing a lifetime of financial documents, from tax returns and bank statements to hidden assets and hidden income, lies at the core of each detailed and lengthy case. This process alone costs the fraud examiner about 60 percent of the investigation time. Now what if there was a way to automate the data collection process and cut that time by 90 percent? With proprietary data capture software, examiners across the U.S. are collecting, cleansing and enriching financial data in a matter of minutes, creating quality and detailed audit trails for each case.

With this software, examiners can gather more data and conduct a more comprehensive investigation in less time. The software is able to pull financial information from any paper or PDF document and enter it into an Excel file, customizing categories and organizing data for a comprehensive analysis. Using data capture software, investigators can enter hundreds of documents in under five minutes. Once the data is entered, the software is able to further verify and compare the numbers. Displaying the original source document on the left and the newly assembled Excel file on the right, proprietary data capture software automatically color codes data by level of accuracy. With ease and clarity, investigators can search for misappropriation of funds, use of funds, unreported income and other types of financial fraud. The software offers additional functions like direct mapping. Fraud examiners can click on any cell within the Excel file and the software will directly link the selected data back to its original placement within the source document, creating an accurate and direct reference for any record.

Automating data capture has dramatically accelerated divorce investigations, minimizing the paper trail and leveraging smart technology in order to conduct deeper, more accurate investigations and save 90 percent more time in the process. Examiners can adopt proprietary software, like ScanWriter, to automate data capture and streamline divorce investigations with confidence. Learn more about how ScanWriter can accelerate your divorce investigation process. Or Request a FREE online demonstration to see how it works today!

Want the proof? Check out how ScanWriter helped accounting firm, Fine Accountess LLC, grow their business!


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